Meet LÖrN's supervisor

Tajda Sisic is one of our supervisors in LÖrN. We took the opportunity to exchange a few words with her and talked about hopes and expectations regarding Unga Örnar's national leadership training, which starts in January.

Today, Tajda works as an integration coordinator, at the same time she is studying a master's degree at the Norwegian Defense Academy. Her involvement started as an 8-year-old in Blekinge, where she was drawn in by play and coffee – a classic strategy for attracting children and young people to Unga Örnar's activities. Two years later, she sat on the board, which she describes as "very big" for her as a 10-year-old. The involvement in Unga Örnar eventually led to a great interest in international issues.

"We had to be a bit of test subjects within those projects that existed when it came to the international work"

"When it came to international work, Unga Örnar Blekinge had to test a lot. We were the first to have an exchange project with Zimbabwe. So we had to be a bit of test subjects within those projects that existed when it came to the international work. Then I attended an international eagle training with other eagles within the eagle umbrella internationally. There I really opened my eyes to international solidarity".

Tajda has also sat on the association's board and was then the youngest member ever within Unga Örnar. She was 13 years old and thought it was very cool. Especially to visit in Stockholm and attend important meetings. Even today, she is in good contact with the leaders who made her join.

We come into LÖrNen and talk a little about what Tajda hopes to contribute as a supervisor to the participants in the training. 


What which is important can also be a lot of fun"

“I hope that the participant can gain the confidence to really believe in themselves. That they really achieve what they want to do. I know it's one of the biggest and most important pieces of the whole thing. That you dare yourself and have someone who pushes and supports you. All who feel somewhere that they want to learn and make some kind of change should be happy to apply for LÖRNEN.”

Tajda believes that you can expect a lot from LÖrNen.

"Participants get tools to know how to meet people and know how to handle certain situations. They will also get to meet people who are having a lot of fun. You can have fun and do important things at the same time. What's important can also be a lot of fun, if you're really passionate about it."

We continued to talk about memories from Young Eagles. We talked about how Tajda went on an experience exchange to Zimbabwe and how awesome it was when their friend organization came to visit in Sweden. There were a lot of expectations.

"We were so worried that it wouldn't work that we would have the exchanges. But it happened so good when we met each other. It turned out so neat, so perfect. Everyone was really happy. Even today, many of us are in contact with each other".

Another remarkable memory she describes was when they received an invitation from AUF (the Norwegian Labor Party's youth union) and Norway's Young Eagles to Utöya. It was a seminar on extremism.

Tanja went there as a leader and told us that the young people who came along found it very difficult but also very educational.

"They really understood the important work we do for everyone's equal value. Many of those who were at the camp felt the same. Somewhere you realize that your commitment and that you are part of an organization that is passionate about those rights strengthens you, but also society.

Tajda is one of 9 supervisors who will be there for the participants in LÖrN. The last day for registration is 15 Nov. Enter and search!

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