Important information

Place: Bommersvik

Date: July 2-4 2022

Exercise stop: April 25 

Last day to nominate representatives and delegation leaders: April 30 (link will be published in Örninfo in March) 

Contact information for Congress General:

Nominate to the federal board

The election committee collects nominations and prepares a proposal for the election of union president, union members, auditors and substitute auditors. 

Write an exercise

If you want to change something in Young Eagles, you can write a motion. A motion is a proposal that deals with something Young Eagles should think or do. An example could be that we should always have a vegetarian diet at our meetings. Here you will find examples of how to write a motion.

What happens at a congress?

The congress is Young Eagles' highest decision-making body, which gathers every three years. During the congress, members from all over Sweden meet to decide what Unga Örnar will work on in the coming years. At the congress, it is our representatives who decide. Delegates are members who have been appointed to represent their districts and they are the only ones who have the right to vote at the Congress.

Who can travel as a representative?

During the annual meetings of the districts, the delegates (members with voting rights) who go to the congress are elected. A district representative forms a delegation. All districts thus have their own delegation.

Each district should ensure that at least half of the representatives in its delegation are 18 years of age or younger and also strive for equal gender distribution. Other representatives should be at least 25 years old, with the exception of those from Unga Örnar's friends.Unga Örnar's friends may send 5 representatives. 

During the congress, delegates who are under 18 years of age will have priority in the podium. There are 100 representative places for the districts. Each district gets 2 basic representatives. Other places are based on the number of members the districts have had since the congress in 2019. As a representative, you influence Unga Örnar's organization and have the most important role at the congress.

The mission of the delegation leader

Every delegation needs a delegation leader. The delegation leader acts as a support for the representatives in a district (his delegation). It helps partly with practical things (for example during the journey to and from the congress) and partly on site during the congress. The delegation leader encourages the representatives to take the podium, is a support in the negotiations and ensures that everyone is in place on time. The delegation leader should have attended one of the Young Eagles' congresses before. A person can be both representative and delegation leader, but not both delegation leader and volunteer.

The districts are responsible for registering their delegation leader after the district's annual meeting, but no later than April 30, 2022.

How do you register delegates and delegation leaders to the congress?

Registration for the congress takes place via a digital registration link that is sent out in Örninfo in March. There, the district notifies the representatives that the annual meeting has chosen. The district also reports delegation leaders. 30 April 2022 is the last day to register representatives and delegation leaders.  



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