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The training kicks off with a business festival in Bommersvik on January 8–11. The focus is on leadership and business development. With the support of the process managers from Campus Bommersvik and the 9 supervisors, you get tools to grow as a leader. You make a commitment to develop activities in your department during the spring.

January–April: Business development at home. You carry out your planned activities in your department and have a supervisor who acts as a sounding board and support. The supervisors conduct three digital meetings to follow up on how things are going and keep in constant contact. 

May 7: Digital follow-up and evaluation of the course.


What does your commitment entail?

All business managers must make a commitment to develop the business in their department. Therefore, it is good if the leaders who apply for a place have an understanding of what is possible to implement in the respective departments. 

There is no requirement that the business development involves a completely new business, although it may be. It could also be, for example, trying to reach a new target group, using a new method, or working towards a particular goal. 

It is important that districts and departments are prepared when the business managers come home and must carry out their commitment. The supervisors will be there for support, but the undertaking/activity is obviously part of the department or district. 

What does the education give you?

• Tools and methods for developing the business locally.
• Deepened insights into one's own leadership and tools to develop.
• Increased insights into the Young Eagles' common values.
• Strengthened network and a supervisor for continued development.

What does the Young Eagles training provide?

• Leadership supply and ability to grow as an organization.
Tools and methods for developing a growing business.
• Tools and methods to strengthen the organization's influence.
• Increased sense of belonging throughout the organization 

The application process

The program has 45 places and you will be told if you have been accepted after the last one
application date 15 November. To search, answer the form you find below the button Apply.

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Supervisor - Tajda Sisic

We exchanged a few words with LÖrN's supervisor Tajda.
Read about what expectations and hopes you can have for leadership training and
get a picture of one of LÖrN's supervisors.



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