Creates one meaningful safe equal childhood for children and young people!

Democracy Club

Do you want to give children and young people the tools to make their voice heard in issues they are passionate about? Start a democracy club and learn together about how you can be involved and change. No previous knowledge required!

Donate to Young Eagles

Private individuals and organizations contribute money to the Summer Fund so that more children and young people have the opportunity to have an active summer and collect summer memories. The grant is used to organize local camp activities throughout Sweden.


Can you take part in our fun activities around Sweden! You can, among other things, go to camps, discos, crafts and other activities.


You will learn more about democracy, children's rights and how you can influence issues that you think are important. Because your voice is important and it should be heard!


Do you support the fight for children's rights! All children have the right to a safe, fun and equal childhood and the more we are, the greater chance we have to influence.

Erblin Syla, leader

Ali Jundi, Chairman

Monica Green, former union chairman



Give more children a fun and equal summer!