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The children and the crisis

Higher food prices, higher rent, it costs more to live. But what does the situation look like for the children affected by the economic crisis and the rising prices? In a new report from Unga Örnar and Tankesmedjan Tiden, a picture of the current situation is presented that is as urgent as it is worrying, along with a number of reform proposals to help Sweden's families with children.


We call on you to stand up for one of the most basic rights of all children around the world - the right to a childhood free from conflict, war and violence. Together we can make a difference and work for a better future for future generations.


Can you take part in our fun activities around Sweden! You can, among other things, go to camps, discos, crafts and other activities. 


You will learn more about democracy, children's rights and how you can influence issues that you think are important. Because your voice is important and it should be heard!


Do you support the fight for children's rights! All children have the right to a safe, fun and equal childhood and the more we are, the greater chance we have to influence.

Erblin Syla, leader

Ali Jundi, Chairman

Monica Green, former union chairman


🎉❤️HAT NO. 1 ❤️🎉

QUESTION: Why is it important to respect and encourage different opinions and ideas? 

ANSWER: "So that you can make everyone feel good and not offend anyone in any way and that everyone can say what they want and that it is respected." - Alma, 10 years

🎉❤️SLOT NO. 6❤️🎉

QUESTION: Why is it important to respect and encourage different opinions and ideas?

ANSWER: Because everyone should have the right to express their opinion and to be able to help and do certain things that they think and want. - Alice, 12 years old

🎉❤️HAT NO. 2 ❤️🎉

QUESTION: What small actions can we do every day to spread love and kindness?

ANSWER: "What we can do to spread love and kindness is to be friendly by always having a good and good feeling around people and even if you don't like them that much, you can't always have to do that just to do them well and show a good aura around them.” - Heidi, 13 years old 

🎉❤️SLOT NO. 7❤️🎉

QUESTION: What do you think is the best way to help people in your neighborhood?

ANSWER: To be out there and show everyone that we are here to help them but what they need help with. But also to show people that we are kind and support everyone regardless of what they need help with. - Lara, 16 years old

🎉❤️HAT NO. 3❤️🎉

QUESTION: What does democracy mean to you?

ANSWER: Democracy for me is the will and voice of the people. This means that everyone has the right to vote and be involved in deciding.

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🎉❤️SLOT NO. 8❤️🎉

QUESTION: What does equality mean to you, and how can we create an equal society?

ANSWER: For me, equality probably means that both girls and boys have the same opportunities and the same rights. To sum it all up, the opposite sex should be treated equally. To fix this I think the biggest issue being raised is why are women paid less and that would be a big change. If that were to change. Then you can start taking girls seriously in sports because it's always mentioned that boys are better, but that's not the case, girls are just as good and fight just as hard.  - Erblin, 17 years old

🎉❤️HAT NO. 4❤️🎉

QUESTION: How can we work together to create a friendly and inclusive society?

ANSWER: I think that everyone should be involved so that no one should be alone and everyone should be able to participate in what they do. - Elsa, 11 years old

🎉❤️SLOT NO. 9❤️🎉

QUESTION: What do you think is the best way to help people?

ANSWER: What I think is best about people in need during Christmas is e.g. if some cannot afford Christmas presents and things for their children or family, you can e.g. buying things and kind of donating/donating the things to an organization because they then give those things to people who can't afford to buy their own things.  - Thea, 13 years old

🎉❤️SLOT NO. 5❤️🎉

QUESTION: What does democracy mean to you?

ANSWER: Democracy is that everyone should be able to participate and decide & think, think what they want. For example, if you are going to run a game, everyone should be able to participate and decide.

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🎉❤️HAT NO. 10❤️🎉

🎉❤️HAT NO. 10❤️🎉

QUESTION: What does solidarity mean to you? 

ANSWER: Solidarity is that, for example, if you see someone who doesn't seem to have a very good economy, you can help them by giving them food, money and clothes so that the person doesn't freeze or starve to death. And that if you can bring them and like eat somewhere and offer food or things. 

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