Our international work

Unga Örnar has a long and inspiring history in international work that reflects our deep commitment to young people's development and global awareness. Through decades, we have developed and expanded our international work to promote young people's participation and understanding of the world's global challenges.

From the very beginning, Unga Örnar was founded with a vision to strengthen young people's role in society and promote their personal and collective development. As an organization, we realized early on that global issues and international cooperation were crucial to achieving these goals.

Our journey in international work spans decades of engagement and collaboration with young people from different corners of the world. We have participated in and initiated international projects and exchanges that have dealt with topics such as peace and conflict resolution, the environment, human rights and social justice. Through these projects, we have created meeting places where young people can share their experiences, exchange cultural insights and work together towards solving global challenges.

A central aspect of our international work is our belief in the importance of leadership. We have developed leadership training programs (Global School) that aim to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to be active and engaged leaders, both in their local communities and on the global stage.

Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with international organizations and authorities, which has resulted in project funding and resources that have been critical in driving our international work forward.

Our international work has had a significant impact by raising awareness of global issues among young people, promoting cultural exchange and building bridges between different communities. We are proud to have played a central role in creating a platform where young people can take initiative and actively participate in the work for a fairer and more sustainable world. Together, we will continue to shape the future with young leaders from around the world. 

International collaborations

During our long history as a children's rights organization, we have been involved in building and starting preschools, developed projects and strengthened organizations around the world. Together for an equal childhood!


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