Erblin Syla
Ung Örn since 2012

Erblin has been active in Unga Örnar since the age of 6. In addition to his involvement in Unga Örnar, where he sits on the board, he hangs out with friends and likes to play football.

He tells a little about what it's like to sit on the board and says that the board meetings are often about finances, the children who are part of the business and what types of activities they should organise. It was just over a year since he was asked to join the board.

“I still had respect for the park and thought why not? I went there to help.”

He has also had time to try out being a group leader during one summer. Erblin is active in the Jakobsberg department but refers to the department as The park. The park has been a hub for children and young people for almost 50 years, but the municipality has decided to shut down the operation, which means an uncertain future for the department.

"If the park closes, the children will not come here. They don't get the free time they usually have and maybe just get locked up at home and check their mobile phones."

"It's always worked well here, it's like a second home."

Erblin explains that the Park is above all for children between 5 and 15 years of age. But if you are older and take care of yourself, exceptions can be made.

"We have many young people on the board and many young leaders, all from the age of 14 and up".

"So young leaders, there is a difference. Not everyone gets the chance to, for example, be involved and think and decide. If the younger ones are there and can express their feelings and opinions, we can help the older ones to improve the park for the next generation. Even at a young age when they work, they know what it's like to work in the future and that's not bad".

He adds that many young people get their first job in Unga Örnar.

"The best thing about Young Eagles is that you can do whatever you want next. You can get help with homework with".

He tells us that they used to play Bingo on Fridays. But that was before the pandemic.

Furthermore, Erblin talks about the leaders who work there and says that they are like two parents raising an entire generation. "It's always fun to be there."

We talk about memories and Erblin shares one that happened recently when leaders and those on the board went to the JumpYard, which is an activity center with trampolines and obstacle courses.

"We had a lot of fun there. It was all leaders, and we had food after that. We spent time together and got to know each other”.

"It is indescribable how I feel about the park".

We ask Erblin what his time in Unga Örnar has meant to him. To that he replies "Love".

"You get to know everyone. Everyone was liked. You could socialize with anyone without feeling left out. No one is bullied".

He explains that you can socialize with both the elderly and the younger.

"There is a lot of love between the young people and maybe a little drama too." He's quick to explain that drama doesn't mean fighting but adds that he was referring to truth or dare and couples who might bicker a bit.



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