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About Young Eagles Friends

Unga Örnars Vänner gathers people and organizations who want to support Unga Örnar's activities for children and young people. It is a subsidiary organization to the National Association of Young Eagles. A membership contributes to developing and strengthening the local activities that take place within Unga Örnar, which gives thousands of children and young people an active and fun free time.

Unga Örnar is a children's and youth organization that is passionate about children's rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child! We arrange camps, leadership training and other group activities for children and young people and run international projects to strengthen children's rights. It is our members, children and young people, who democratically decide what we should prioritize in terms of type of activities and which children's rights political issues should be in focus.

Unga Örnars Vänner is a non-profit organization run by passionate people with the aim of supporting Unga Örnar's activities and creating financial conditions for the activities. In order to create financial conditions for Unga Örnar, we depend on funding from our individual members and member organizations. There are several different opportunities to support us financially, but the first step is to become a member. 

Membership in Unga Örnars Vänner is for you who are 26 years of age or older. You contribute SEK 17.50 per month which is paid in annually, it goes directly, unabated to the operations in your region. It makes a real difference.