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Exercises on democracy

Here you can find exercises that help your group work with democracy and that can be adapted and run with all ages. The starting point is children and young people.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is something that we work on. We think that all countries should sign it as law and it should be followed. Read a short version here.


You can influence by holding activities for other children and young people so that they also have fun free time. You can decide which activity you want to do.


As a member, you can run for the board, you can then participate and make decisions about the business until the next board meeting. You can nominate yourself for a board in your department, district or association.


You can also pursue an issue of your own that you are passionate about. Do you want to change in your municipality or in Sweden? Start a democracy club.

Read more at www.demokratiklubb.se



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