project manager at a youth organization in Gaza

Gaza was gorgeous, her face radiated the innocence of a child and her hair fell over her shoulders like silk.

Gaza was born in Gaza, and died there. Is Gaza the only place where children are born?

The little girl was named Gaza because she was born to the sound of missiles from airplanes, the roar of tanks and their blinding shells, the buzz of helicopter gunships - a typical day of the war against the children of Gaza.

The girl Gaza was only three years old when the generals, warlords and political experts of death decided to kill her.

Gaza is not the only child who witnessed massacres. Every martyr in Gaza has a story wrapped in hope, love, fear and an overwhelming desire to live. They bombed her, and she died as a result.

Little Gaza has died, but big Gaza has survived and will endure, according to an injured child in a corner of the hospital: "Let us grow up and live," he said. "Shame on those who have abandoned us".



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