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Personal data management

Consent to the collection of personal data
When you become a member of Unga Örnar, your personal data is registered and handled in accordance with current legislation.

Treatment and purpose
When you become a member of Unga Örnar, you consent to Unga Örnar registering the personal data necessary for Unga Örnar to be able to conduct its business and take care of your interests as a member.
The personal data is only used within the framework of Unga Örnar's activities, e.g. sending out member information, invitations, mailing lists for emails and SMS.

Personal data processed by Unga Örnar
Information that is registered is name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, social security number, date of birth and gender. If you choose to end your membership, we will immediately delete your personal data, but we will save municipality, year of birth and gender for statistics and financial reporting.

Who handles your personal data
Trustee or non-profit committed person and staff can be given responsibility for handling the data in Unga Örnar's member register.

Your rights
As a member, you have the right to know which personal data we process, how this is processed and to have your personal data corrected or deleted.
For questions about personal data, changes/deletion of personal data or register extracts, contact Unga Örnar's member support at

Social Media
When you participate on social media, personal data is saved according to the terms of use that apply to the respective social media. Unga Örnar can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Unga Örnar does not save any personal data but can see the data that you have chosen to make available.

Member Support

Terms and conditions

Young Eagles

We are the children's and youth organization of the labor movement. We fight for children and young people throughout Sweden to have meaningful free time. Around 95 % of Unga Örnar's departments offer free membership. People over the age of 25 are recommended to become members of Unga Örnars Vänner, a support organization for Young Eagles. Read more on our website:

Membership in Young Eagles Riksförbund varies between the different departments, many of which are free of charge. The membership fee is paid via card, Swish, or BankGiro 242-7284. Complaints about your membership are not possible. However, membership can be canceled at any time by contacting us Membership fees that have already been paid are not refunded in the event of withdrawal from the Young Eagles National Confederation.

Friends of Young Eagles

Membership in Unga Örnars Vänner costs SEK 210 a year. Unga Örnars Vänner is a support organization for the National Association of Young Eagles and the membership fees enable Unga Örnar's important activities. The membership fee is paid via card, Swish, or BankGiro 5876-5678. Complaints about your membership are not possible. However, membership can be canceled at any time by contacting us Already paid membership fees are not refunded upon withdrawal from Unga Örnars Vänner.

The summer fund

Private individuals and organizations contribute money to the Summer Fund so that more children and young people have the opportunity to have an active summer and create meaningful summer memories. Our departments then have the opportunity to apply for grants from the fund to carry out activities during the summer.


The contributor chooses the amount they wish to donate to Unga Örnar and it goes directly to Unga Örnar's local operations. It is possible to become a monthly donor via direct debit. Read more here:


Payment can be made directly on our website by card or Swish. It is also possible to pay to our bank giro number 242-7284.

Personal data and confidentiality

For information on how we handle personal data, read Unga Örnar's routines for handling personal data.



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